Excerpt- Xela meets Kaleb

Kaleb pulls up in front of Xela, surprised to see that she was able to find him without him noticing that she was following him.  She looks him in the eye, calm but trying to settle the anger building up inside her.  At this point she wasn’t sure whether the anger came from her or the power that was beginning to take a terrifying hold of her.


“Who are you and why have you been following me?”

“I didn’t mean to scare you.”  He says as he wipes his sunglasses on his loose v-neck shirt.

“You didn’t scare me. But don’t go by what you see in the movies, it’s still considered creepy to stalk a girl.”

A smile curves on his lips.  This makes her nerves flutter.

“My name is Kaleb Lakota.  I come from the Tribe of Haven.  We live a few hours away from here.”

“Are you a student at Haven High?”

“Hardly.  I graduated a few years ago.”

Xela waited for more answers.

“Impressive running you did today Xela.”

“Oh, you know my name too…”

“I’ve come to see you because I can help you.”

“Are you a cop?”

“Why do you ask that, because you “lifted” your friend’s phone from her bag the other day?”

“She’s not my friend…”

“Impressive lift as well. Would you consider yourself a jack of all trades?”

“Are we going to continue answering questions with more questions?”

A brief pause.

“Have you been having nightmares?”


“Waking up feeling…different?”

“Ok, now you’re really starting to creep me out.”

“I know who you are.  I know what you’re becoming.  I know that lighting speed race you ran today didn’t come from your natural talent.  You clearly have many, but speed isn’t one of them.”

“Ouch.  Thanks, but I’m not juicing, in case you’re scouting.”

“I’m not. Not even close.  You have…abilities now, don’t you? You can do things you’ve never been able to do before.  But I’m here to tell you they’re coming from a very dark place.”

Silence.  “Good, you know what I’m talking about then.  Pretty soon those abilities…those powers are going to go against you and turn you against your own self.  You know this don’t you?  You are part of a plan Xela,  a plan of dominion over the only good forces left protecting the world.  You are going to be used to create an army to rule over everyone else.  An outcast of the occult named Makrhan.  He’s been developing this plan for over twelve years and he’s finally unleashed his evil upon you and three others.  There’s no easy way out of this.  That’s where I and the Scarlett Witches come in.”

“You…and a Witch?”

“I know this sounds crazy, but is it really crazier than the idea of you suddenly developing all these powers?”

“You have a point.  You say this is all a plan to rule the world.”


“And that for some reason I’ve been chosen to help carry it out.”

“A very specific reason…”

“And you’re here to help.”

“That pretty much sums it up.”

“Except that it doesn’t and this all sounds insane.”

“Dayanara can explain better.  I’m just here to take you to her now that I’ve identified you.”

“As what?”

“One of the selected.”  It felt real to her.  It felt special and heavy burdening.

“Where is this Dayanara person?”

“About an hour out of here.  Hop on.”

“On your dirt bike?”

“You got to witness some of my own skills a few min ago.  I can get us there in forty-five minutes but you’re going to have to hold on tight…”

The idea of sitting on his dirt bike thrilled her more than she wanted to show.

“Kaleb, right?”

“Xela Lusher.  Your powers can probably get us there quicker, but why ruin the fun?  This is one of my favorite things to do and I’m sure you’ll love the view.”

“Actually I don’t know if I could get us there quicker. But I agree.  Riding in the back of a bike with a complete stranger is definitely the better alternative.”

“But I’m a friendly stranger…one who stalks would be selected girls so I can take her back to my lair.”

Xela smiled for the first time and the effect it had on her face was electrifying, it lit her up completely.  Kaleb felt her slide behind him on the bike and enjoyed feeling her arms slide around his waist more than he wanted to admit.