Rogue -Book I Description

Is it Choice or is it Fate?

Teenagers Xela, Grace, Zoe and Mia, each with shared tragic pasts and survival abilities, are chosen to inherit exceptional powers that will eventually turn them into all powerful demon warriors. They are selected to head a new army of destruction called Rogue, designed by Warrior outcast Makrhan to bend the will of humanity to his rule.

Unaware of the malicious plan behind their sudden transformation, they begin enjoying their new found powers and the freedom it gives them. But an event quickly leads them to realize that not only are their abilities being supremely heightened; their thoughts are beginning to change as well.  Dreams are giving way to nightmares; good thoughts towards others are becoming twisted with rage, along with a desire to prey on people.  Confusion begins to give way to the terrifying knowledge that their powers are not turning them into Heroes, but Villains.

Standing in the way of this horrible fate are peace guardians Kaleb Kharan, a member of the Haven Warrior Tribe and the Witches of Scarlett, who have been waiting for signs of Makrhan’s re-emergence after twelve years in hiding.

Each with unique powers, they must not only prevent themselves from being the causes of mass destruction, but also somehow rely on each other in order to save their own souls.  Find a way to choose their fate or be forever bound by it.







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